You recall when I started out as designer, I went through town, picked numbers of signage of businesses and reached out to them via text message, you can read that post here. Fortunately for me, Vivian responded to my message. She was relocating her shop and needed designs of food to be used on the premises to help potential customers recognize that it’s a place to eat and signage to direct existing customers to her new location.

Vivian is from Nigeria and her primary target customers was Nigerians living and working in Nungua and its environs

It was an interesting project; I had to look for images of Nigerian food, learn the names and come up with a cohesive design that well represented Vivian Continental Kitchen (Home of delicious homemade food)

Project Challenges; designing the artworks wasn’t much of a challenge; the real challenge was sticking the printed work on the metal panels. In the days I worked with Sika (my mentor and friend), those parts of the project were often subcontracted to some guys who did great work, I had often observed them work and I had taken down a few pointers. I had to do this part of the project because I had underestimated the cost of labour and would end up using my profit to pay the guys if I contracted them to do the work. I called up a friend who had some experience and together we pulled it off.

At the end of the project, Vivian was happy, find below images of the project.

Joshua Kyere

Joshua is a Creative designer with a traditional background in visual design. A website developer (designing and developing WordPress themes). An entrepreneur and small business enthusiast.

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