Kwaku is a good friend of mine; He is a talented photographer amongst many other things he does. He needed some screen printed shirts. He sent me the design via email; it was an image of a vinyl record and its receptacle.

When I received the design; I had to do colour separation, depending on the colour of the shirt, a white under base was needed hence the design required two screens. After the colour separation I had to print the design and shoot the screen (Forgive me for using too many terminologies, you can read more about screen printing in this post)

Below are the shirts I made for Kweku; he added value to the shirts after I had completed my part of the process. He used some fabric to mimic the receptacle of the vinyl record and took some professional photographs to market the shirts. He is a very talented guy, contact Kweku on 050 4981415 to book him for photoshoots

Joshua Kyere

Joshua is a Creative designer with a traditional background in visual design. A website developer (designing and developing WordPress themes). An entrepreneur and small business enthusiast.

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