Client Profile:

Client Name: Madam Pat

Services Provided: Funeral Posters, Funeral Brochure, Funeral Donation Receipts, Enlarged Photograph Portrait of Deceased, QR Code for Online Funeral Program Access


In the face of one of life’s most challenging moments, the bereaved family sought professional assistance to honor the memory of their loved one and provide a meaningful farewell. They entrusted Boldmarkup with the solemn responsibility of designing funeral materials and facilitating online access to the funeral program.


Boldmarkup aimed to create a suite of funeral materials that would not only pay homage to the late Madam Selina but also provide comfort and convenience to her loved ones during this difficult time. The key objectives were:

  • 1. Design and produce high-quality funeral posters, a funeral brochure, and funeral donation receipts that reflect Madam Pat’s life and legacy.
  • 2. Create an enlarged photograph portrait of the late Madam Selina that captures her essence and warmth.
  • 3. Develop a QR code to enable online access to the funeral program, allowing remote attendees to participate in the memorial service.
  • 4. Print Funeral Brochures


Boldmarkup encountered several challenges throughout the project, including:

– Ensuring that the design elements were both visually appealing and respectful of the somber occasion.

– Capturing the essence of the late Madam Selina in the portrait to evoke feelings of connection and nostalgia.

– Seamlessly integrating technology (QR code) into a traditional funeral setting to accommodate remote attendees.


Boldmarkup approached each challenge with sensitivity, creativity, and technical expertise.

1. Funeral Materials Design: Boldmarkup created elegant and personalized funeral materials, including posters, a brochure, and donation receipts. These materials featured color palettes and meaningful imagery that celebrated the late Madam Selina’s life, achievements, and the love she shared with her family and community.

2. Photograph Portrait: A professional artist meticulously enlarged a cherished photograph of the late Madam Selina, paying close attention to details that captured her spirit. The resulting portrait became a focal point of the funeral, evoking emotions and fostering a sense of connection among attendees.

3. QR Code Integration: Boldmarkup developed a QR code linked to an online platform where remote attendees could access the funeral program. This innovative solution ensured that friends and family who couldn’t physically attend the service could still be a part of the ceremony, offering their support and condolences from afar.


Boldmarkup’s comprehensive approach yielded profound results:

– The funeral materials received heartfelt appreciation from attendees for their thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

– The enlarged portrait of the late Madam Selina provided a meaningful centerpiece that comforted her family and friends during the service.

– The QR code facilitated the seamless inclusion of remote attendees, allowing them to participate in the memorial service and share their condolences online.


In the challenging context of a funeral, Boldmarkup successfully combined design expertise with technology to create a comprehensive solution that honored the late Madam Selina’s memory. The personalized funeral materials, heartfelt portrait, and innovative QR code integration exemplified Boldmarkup’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of grieving families. This case study demonstrates how Boldmarkup not only met but exceeded its objectives, providing solace and support to the bereaved family during their time of need.

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Joshua Kyere

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